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Innoplay means, play to innovate.

Our Vision:

Successful innovation demands more than a good strategic plan; it requires creative improvisation. Much of the "serious play" that leads to breakthrough innovations is increasingly linked to experiments with models, prototypes, and simulations.

Our Mission: 

Innoplay is an equal opportunist company, different to traditional company, we don’t have concept of social estates and everyone is equal here. In Innoplay, we have seen every staff as part of our valuable asset of the business and an indispensable element; same as our company logo, every employee as a different color, need to stick up and build up together to an integrated appearance. We support every employee think out the box and exert their talent in every part of their work. Innoplay provide lot of chance for whom willing to try, also hope every employee can enjoy and cherish every moment while their work.

Innoplay treasures our own traditional, beside develop new things and would like innovate to rejuvenation the descent industry of Hong Kong.

Our Passion: 

Unlimited innovation execution for different users to capture their moment , anytime anywhere and any situation, Capture and share their moment. with over 10-year experience in the innovative product development, now closely collaborates with engineers and doctoral to work out professional and innovation projects.

Focus Area:

Design service / Mechanical and Electric Engineering / Apps development for products


Industrial and Product Design

Innovation Design 

Design and  Mechanical and Technology Consultant

Idea Generation and Concept Design

Apps Development with Hardware feature 

Packaging and Graphic Design

Branding and Art Direction

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